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@vivamoda Story shot by @mathieucesar @iconoclast_image  Styled by @agnieszkascibior @metalic Make-up @lesantkathy Hair @marionanee Nails @ccnailsparis


Despite my love of Parisian women and their style, me and Ben found Paris a little on the boring side. So recommend us somewhere to spend NYE? Berlin, Budapest, Rome, Florence….?

yungsevigny: yes edie forever

she is the actual best i hate it when people try to slag her off just go away you were not as fabulous

My darling Edie.
I kind of get annoyed when Patti Smith speaks about Edie in Just Kids, because she is really quite dismissive (and I find a little hypocritical) about her drug addiction, frivolous behaviour and her looks. She speaks of Edie as though she was just a pretty, silly girl and tells of how she resentfully wrote a poem about Edie. Yet, Edie was an artist just like Mapplethorpe and Patti - she just did not have the same good luck/big individual break as them. She was troubled, as was Robert. I just find it a little patronising and unnecessary. I needed to voice that somewhere.

I have the internet at our home in London and no one knows how great it feels. It is a human right nowadays.

be an individual against the grain stand up speak up be brave don’t forget this is who you areĀ